Why yet another programming magazine?

The features below are still a work in progress and can change at any moment.


Human Readable is about knowledge, not opinions

It consists of long-form scientific articles related to programming. No click-bait titles, "Never do X", "Y considered bad", etc. See subreddit MorningCupOfCoding for a sampling of articles



Human Readable is written by you, we don't have a writing staff.

Authors that are selected for their posts on the subreddit have the opportunity to write for Human Readable.



Human Readable is about today, not yesteryear or speculating about "The Future"TM

Topics are contemporary. Issues are released twice a month.



Human Readable is an app, it's not an RSS reader

No inconsistent formatting, excerpts or ads. Full article contents delivered straight to you.



Human Readable is design for mobile, it's not a PDF reader

No need to zoom in/out or any layout bells and whistles. You can copy & paste, run videos, native support for sharing, etc.



Human Readable is a community, it's not just a stream of content

The app itself has built-in forum functionality.